Amber's Wedding Dress

Josh and I woke up Saturday morning to messages cancelling our plans for the day, and with nothing else scheduled, that meant we would lay around the house all day. For workaholics like us, that’s not something we really looked forward to. I had decided to at least finish a makeup look and take a good selfie for Instagram. Little did I know, Josh had gotten ahold of our intern, Jayden, and planned to meet him for a spontaneous photoshoot once I had finished getting ready. To surprise me, when I finished my makeup, he told me to grab my wedding dress and quickly steam another one to be photographed. We decided to go to a fairly secluded location out in nature where we wouldn’t feel rushed or interrupted. The closest place like that happened to be a bridge to a logging road way out in Umpqua where there’s no cell service. Since my wedding dress is sleeveless, I was thankful it turned out to be the first warm sunny day in a long time since winter began. The first dress I wore was one my mom had found at a small shop in Coos Bay, it was perfectly flowy for the type of dramatic shots we were going for. Josh and Jayden used lights to brighten my face and the dress since we kept the gorgeous sunshine behind me for most of the shoot. Even though it was sunny, it was still slightly chilly, so I threw on my red petticoat for a few shots and finished the day off wearing a burgundy cardigan.